Poetry / Twenty Six

There are less than 26 days till I turn 26

26 ways I could have been a better sister

A better friend

A better lover

I wasn’t ripe yet

Too scared to bloom

Afraid of getting plucked up

I’ve seen the flowers die slowly

Wilting in a pretty vase

Browning and fading

Drooping as they dry out

Bright petals wasting away on counters

And in the bottom of garbage bags

Sucking up water like their life depends on it, even thought they’re past the point of no return

But she says crack open the bud I’ve encased my heart in

Says this is the year

There are so many people who want to love me the way I need to be loved

She reminds me I’ve forgotten

Flowers can be uprooted



They make beautiful hybrids

Change into something completely new

Change landscapes with their colors

Unforgettable in their brilliant newness