Poetry / Amongst The Flowers

Eye gazing with orchids

Is a staring contest you can’t lose

Even when you blink away

The gentle curves of each gradient

And the pollen motes floating through the air 

You’ve still absorbed a tiny universe

Into your soul

A memory of a cold blustery afternoon

Where you turned your mind off

And wandered through jungles and deserts

In the course of three hours

Pressing pause on work and play

And just letting daydreams manifest amongst flowers

You cracked open an hourglass

It’s curved reflections became jagged

Warping against floor boards

You picked up handfuls of glass and sand

Letting them run back through your fingers

Time leaving small cuts on your palms

Criss crossed life lines and branching river beds

Laugh lines streaming from your tear ducts

Minuscule grains making a home under your fingernails