Are you struggling to make time for your creative projects? Feeling like you're in a rut with your passions?

With only so much time during your hectic schedule, what do you need to get back on track?

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What started off as a web series quickly turned into a community of creatives challenging each other to turn their passion projects into a source of joy and inspiration. Amanda Kelly Espiritu and Sri Thayi had both been dreaming of producing a monthly web series and several event series in NY and Beyond. After spending over seven hours perched on comfy couches at a furniture store in Meatpacking and dancing through some Chelsea art galleries to get their creative juices flowing, Creative Surrender Studios was born.

Creative Surrender Studios brings together creative innovators and entrepreneurs to showcase and experiment creatively, socially, and intellectually in tandem with the current cultural landscape.

The Creative Surrender web series spotlights the entire creative journey and all the challenges that come along with it. Each episode dives into deep talks, throwing love bombs at the featured artist / creative entrepreneur, and doing crazy things in public to challenge each other out of whatever creative rut they may be languishing in. The curated Creative Surrender: Passion Sprints workshops aim to light up a collective fire and creatively surrender to what needs to be done for your life today. All are welcome :)

Our intention for each one of us: Electrify our creative synapses with collective collaboration, immerse ourselves in our creative flow states, and to push the understanding placed on Self and our interaction with society.

Creative Surrender aims to provide a container for you to have both structure and freedom for spontaneity. Some art supplies and snacks will be provided, but please bring a small snack to share with your fellow creatives and any materials you might need to work on your passion project or collaborate with fellow creatives.

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Performing and sharing art can be both a terrifying and wonderful experience. As creatives, we run the risk of holding back for countless reasons - perhaps as we try to endlessly perfect things for hours upon hours, or we think we're being too much or unoriginal, or we give into the fear that people will judge us for our vulnerability.

From deep talks to dance breaks that are always good for the soul, we got to dive deeper with piano wizard himself Michael Anthony Tedesco on his creative process and jam to his single "Wired" from his latest EP Hardly Recognizeable.


Celebrating, creating, and collaborating with others in the intersection of art, science, and tech is at the core of everything we set out to do. We've been jamming out to Mike Tedesco's song "Giants" the last few months and love all it stands for. Check out the new music video for "Giants" we put together as we adventured around the last few months!

The #CSSteam sat and thought about what we're terrified of and why we find ourselves in creative ruts, and we decided to confront our fears and see how challenging ourselves to get uncomfortable would affect our creative process.

Amanda was afraid of dancing in public and avoided being on camera as much as possible because capturing moments for her friends was infinitely easier. When she traveled to Singapore for work earlier this year, she challenged herself to dive headfirst into both by running and dancing around in a red panda onesie in 90+ degree weather at in the early morning. She challenged herself to shoot everything on her phone and make her limited time and resources work.

From the shadows of the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, to the sunny and colorful streets of Austin, through rainy days and late nights along the NYC skyline and under the The Oculus at the World Trade Center, and along the cliffs, steep hills, and colorful staircases throughout SF she's continued to push herself to keep dancing wherever, whenever and gotten to see friends and strangers want to join in along the way.


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