Spoken Word Collab / This One Is 4 The Artists



This one is for the artist in each of us

That little rebel that refused to color between the lines

Preferred a blank sheet of paper

Those who weren’t limited by even that sheet

And moved on to paint the walls and tracked finger paint across floors

Those who were only limited by their imaginations

And lost in games of pretend that blended with reality

No, I’m not talking about some Rugrat-shit

I’m talking about losing yourself in the moment

In the lines your crayon made

In the music only you could hear

In the rhythms and beats you followed on pots and pans

In throwing your whole being into memorizing monologues!


Picasso said: “Every child is an artist,

the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”


We can hold those memories at the front of our minds

But they’re hazy and blurred

Why can’t we express ourselves as easily – it’s completely absurd

Passions come and go, ebbs and flows

But we hit a wall.

And most of us can’t get over it.


Why? You ask me why?

Fuck, man, artists are sensitive and shit.


But in all seriousness,

When you’re growing up

They say: you gotta use it or you lose it

Well we can’t use it when we’re told we have our priorities

Pull off the grades, play this sport, get a real fucking job

You can’t live off paint fumes

You can’t make a living off art

Get a grip on reality; you’re not growing up to be a flower child


Schools don’t fund the arts

Budgets are cut down and then cut more

Left and right, up and down

Programs left spinning, tattered, completely unwound


It’s funny how the money

is being cut from art projects

and being pasted to line the pockets

cut and paste these kids from the projects

and put them in an environment

where their creativity is not limited

to four walls made of cement

their script and graffiti

is not viewed as calligraphy

but rather as delinquency

we’re punishing the kid who could be the next Salvador Dali


Consequentially, society is stifling creativity

Teaching us un-expression

Saying leave your romantic notions behind

It’s like, so what if you’re unhappy, if you’re feeling unfulfilled?

Find another outlet that’s more productive!

It’s no big deal, you’ll live!

Wandering around on childhood dreams is nice…

But no one really makes it from there


Fuck that. I don’t want your “edumacation”

Your “cray cray” ideals

Who wants to be crushed into a cubicle?

Slaving away to pay bills while your talent shrivels to a hobby?


We’re met with lackadaisical apathy at the worst

Patted on the head and told

You CAN’T by the people who are supposed to tell you that you CAN

Laughed and scoffed at, they say:

It’s a phase; you’ll see the light of day!

Favor a quick, steady buck and get rich

Put some effort in and don’t turn into a total bitch


EXCUSE ME. You’re the bitch for not letting us express ourselves

For not letting us be ourselves

For not letting us be

No one can follow step by step any path to success

Maybe our brains aren’t turning to mush, but our souls are


Lotta people can’t really appreciate, much less even create ART

When the funds are cut, when we’re told no

When we keep reaching for the stars

But we’re yanked back and stuffed into some cookie cutter mold


This so real surrealism is that we’re

transplanting mechanical brains

into human beings

transforming them to work as machines

start cranking the gears and

begin the clockwork

nerves replaced with cords

thoughts turned by metallic gadgets

and ideas are confined

by tight screws down the spine

dreams are a binary code

01, 11 programmed in the mode

and creativity is mislabeled

as a malfunction

building little workers

is acting in conjunction

with a decrease in fundin’

for important outlets of expression

so who could blame these kids

for the regression

from canvases to barren walls of building and bridges

but rather than building bridges

we’re telling kids that artisticness holds no value in our wallets

so it doesn’t matter what you call it

our checkbooks hold more weight

than our picturebooks

and so it looks like the money is only put in

if they know the money is

gonna get back out

so it’ll take a little more than spare change

to make sure that there’s change

the message of arts not being worth it

has children thinking that they don’t deserve it

so now this lack of art appreciation

has become synonymous with our current generation



Literature and art are a reflection of the times!

What will our utter lack of artistry say about OUR time?

Are we evolving or devolving when we now live

Live in a culture where “irregardless” is now a word

Where we become obsessed with individuals who have no talent

Like, really Honey Boo Boo fans – for real???


Peace out y’all – the last week’s been surreal.