Spoken Word Collab / Midnight


Lean in and sway

No inhibitions

Feel the curved canyons of my palms under yours 

Dive into the infinitude of my soul, these eyes of mine

Let me sink into the moat that surrounds your psyche

As I run my fingers over every part of your body

Reaching for territories unknown 

Consuming adulterous passions overcomes me in ways The Lord would not be pleased, but Lord have mercy!

Your lips and hands leaving indentations upon my hollowed cheeks, sipping at the smirk at the edge of your dimples 

Bodies in flames of the richest hues of reds and passionate purples artists can only see in dreams 

I become an inferno, self-combustion sweetened by the air around you. 

They say God damns those who sinfully succumb under sweet wisps from sultry sensuous dreams,

But tell me, if the good Lord damns

Why bless the earth with thy damnable beauty?