Spoken Word / Sugar and Spice

Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty, I say

Just enough to make it interesting so you're not a plain Jane

Yet you still grasp on to what the media proclaims

Can't quite fit the mold

Baby fat put to shame

Dancing fingers along curves that define your space in the world

Before clasping at porcelain, ready to hurl and suck in a gut that just tips over jeans,

Too skinny to fit any love in the seams

Praying someday to look, begging someday to feel

That it's worth it-- that you're worth it, that your beauty is real

Pinching in muscle and grinding down bones till there's nothing natural left

But a frown pasted on to a face vacuum sealed with a kiss upon lips

Far too plump to conceal that your words tinge with lisps

No matter that you finally feel

Put together, literally put together

Patchwork person that you are held together by pain

Self hatred is the morphine that drips through your veins

Shots straight to your heart, absorbed into your soul

Gasping you try to make up for not being whole

For tossing parts of yourself to the masses who claimed

That skinny feels better and ugly's just lame

You silence the voice in your head that whispered to you,

You're all right, you're okay

And the very next day you're caught up in the fake-ness you have to portray

Work for gaps in thighs that don't jiggle when slapped,

Mascara-ed eyes that pop as you bat them up and down and up and down

Like your emotions as you wind up tight then crash to the ground

An eternity's worth of body issues and standards to uphold,

Packed into your head that seems like it'll explode

With the sounds and the voices that tell you no,

No you're too fat, you're not right, you don't fit, you're too old

That say all that you have are laugh lines

Nothing worthwhile, too tough, you've no luck

They beat you

Beat you down to mold you back up into

Just another pretty model, a beautiful angel, lovely gorgeous smokin' hottttttt

Dayyym girl, your face, I like that shit

But those words are just labels you can tear off

Like you rip off the tags on new clothes

Yank and break threads of plastic tying down letters of what others say you are

Because you should be reaching for words like exotic and unique

Embracing the bizarre, the alluring, the different and strange

Leave them starry eyed with how sleek you are when you make moves

Leave them remembering you for being more than just a cute, made-up face

Striving for a perfection that doesn’t exist

That ideal plastered across billboards or movie screens,

Don’t let what doesn’t exist except by Photoshop schemes

Have you plastered on the floor by peer pressured, alcoholic induced dreams

Filtered through pixels on Instagram screens

Of the most edited parts of your peers’ lives

That almost have you believing in fairytales again


No one looks their best all the time

But you can be your best self

Because beauty moves beyond looks and can be destroyed

By accidents, deliberate action, and the passage of time

Don’t wallow in your bucket of self-pity

Just own who you are and how you look – Bad hair days be damned!

Crank up the wattage in your smiles and blind them with your brilliance

Your beauty is in your actions and your love of yourself

Be sugar.

Be spice.

Be more than everything nice.