Spoken Word / #SorryNotSorry

Once, you said I apologized too much, that I needed to stop saying “I’m sorry”

But when I emulate your arrogance and cut out all the apologies

You called me a pretentious bitch

Because too much confidence isn’t endearing and it has to be just right to be sexy

Self-assurance doesn’t make me cute at 5’2—it makes me threatening.

Well, I have a few more things to apologize for before I’m through.

I’m sorry you think I’m a bitch because I speak my mind

And you need time to get used to it

That I have to apologize in the face of double standards that don’t cross men’s minds

I’m sorry I wasn’t born a man like you.

I’m sorry you’re too afraid to apologize when you know you’re wrong.

Throwing out the word bitch like it’s an anthem

THE end all to any argument or fight, as if that word will really make me shut up

Because when you shout that slur at me, you do expect me to apologize

For whatever it was I said or did.  

I’m sorry I roll my eyes when you ask questions like

“Why are you single, it’s almost V-Day?!”

Sorry I’m having the time of my life being me  

And that you think that being single makes me lonely, when honestly,

Being in a relationship with the wrong person is the loneliest thing in the world.

I’m sorry that you think I have too many questions

But I won’t kill my curiosity for your sake

String it up with a pretty little bow and make you a present of it’s dead hide

No cat got my tongue because I pierced it through its nine lives

Every time you told me NO, slurred Aw that’s sweet and then patted me on the head

I’m sorry you’re prejudiced, that you discriminate based on gender and race

Speaking as if you’re omniscient when you’re far from holy  

Judging me by my soft hair and tiny hands instead of listening to my hard truths

Choosing only to see tears that you say make me too vulnerable

I’m sorry you think empathy is a weakness.

I’m sorry that you have to justify my internship offers

As ones I got because I’m a girl

And the higher ups need there to be diversity in the workplace

Nothing to do with my intelligence or hard work or the passion I have for what I do. I’m sorry but you will never be the one slamming your hands

Up against a glass ceiling to shift it higher

Praying that this time you’ll break through

So you can drag up others behind you, over the broken shards.   

So, I’m sorry.

But people only try to expose what’s wrong with others

When they can’t handle what’s right about them.

I’m sorry. I feel sorry. For you.