Poetry / Interview

Pocket good questions

And turn them inside out

On the way to an interview

Spend the week reading every

Tweet, caption, status

Backlog the last 30 days

Tilt “creepy” off center so that

“Obsessed” ensures a

"You really impressed us today!"

But really, I just want to know

What was your earliest memory

Of music, of the rain

What was the last thing

That made you smile or laugh

Before you got here today

Trudging up from the depths of trains stations

What was the last thing

That made you feel okay

Before the day ran away

Distracting you for hours

The light flickering off glass

Blue to orange to pink to indigo

Till you jerk back

Careening off center

Into a staccato of

Half finished sentences

Thoughts ending in question marks?

And an auto generated email signature

Because you've run out of time

At the bottom of the thank you note to type

Your name