Poetry / For Her, For Him

FOR HER: Falling into productivity at first sip 

Is a bit like falling in love,

It requires lavender matcha lattes

And splitting a flaky croissant

An even 70/30

Without a second thought

Because the person across from me

Is enough to sate the endless hunger

That used to keep me up at night

Whispering, “You are not enough”

FOR HIM: Today, chasing after my dreams is easy

In softly lit cafes draped in green vines

Smile and sip my way down a checklist

Calculating my productivity by cups of matcha consumed

And the 22 poems I have left to write

Sometimes he looks at me with gentle eyes

And says, “I want to be you when I grow up”

Even though he has years on me

Even though I wonder what he’s doing with me

Even though I got the bigger half of the croissant