Poetry / The Woman In Red

Stand silent to make a point

Actions of brutality juxtaposed with actions of bravery

Faceless but for hair blown across eyes, swept up

Location immortalized and displaced

She could be one of us – is one of us

Those pepper-spray fueled gusts resonate

Gusts of chemicals breathed in, choke, cough

Exhale with a burn fiercer than the image burned into our eyes

Burned into our hearts

Bright red

Red encircling, red reminding, red remembered

Life and passion, uncompromised

Declared loud against a backdrop of insanity

Proper outrage at the hands of humanity

Beating at a youth defenseless

It’s completely senseless

Beauty without a face, still graceful despite the mace

Your heart can’t help but tighten and race

At yet another moment of disgrace

Failure to protect and serve

At corrupt authority’s dictation of

Duty and orders to eyes glazed over

Consciences swept aside to the darkest corners

Charge in

Constant stream and spray

Overkill captured in the light of day

Just how is this okay?

Offers of apologies can’t so easily soothe injustice

How do sit-ins spiral out of control?

The attention paid – does it exacerbate pressurized events primed to blow?

Once the people find the strength

To rip the cover off oppression

Siphoning momentum from growing tensions

Backed by the wide eyes of the world

Watching far away events play out on the media stage

Can’t let such events fade away

An instance of compassion

One that broke through the desensitization of an often cynical generation

Far too used to media frenzies

Of which there are still far too many

Perhaps a tad bit sensational

But this woman could prove transformational

Transcribing more chalk lines on the scoreboard of life

More powdered tally wins for the unlikely heroes and heroines