Poetry / Ever To Explore

Born too late to explore the earth,

Born too soon to explore the galaxy

Daily, we venture into Skyscraper National Park

A jungle of neon and buzzing electricity

Trodding well worn paths over discarded gum and cigarettes,

Flattened and black with heavy soles 

Most days, we’re not conquerors out for blood

Recklessly careening past horizons into the unknown

Too often, we let our dreams cool

And only seek to explore our little patch of the world

We’re captivated by new gods,

Endless data streams and smooth glass

We conduct potential expeditions with quick fingertips 

Plow through miles in milliseconds

Zooming in and out of streets and continents

Hopping around satellite composites for street views of the Taj Mahal

And silently promising ourselves, “One day.”

Even though we’ll no longer be the first

Or even close to the first

Why do we always have to be first