Poetry / After

She’s quietly determined in her sincerity

Tells me she still daydreams of bombs when it’s quiet

Glancing out the nearby window her soft gaze turns inward 

Searching for sparrows and cherry blossoms

Amongst muddied puddles and cracked pavement

Bursting with anxious roots scrabbling for new earth

She gathers the corners of herself

And polishes away the sharp edges till she’s smooth and round

Unblemished mercury, she slides her hand into mine

Lays her head softly on my shoulder

Reflecting back what she thinks I want to see

But I know the heavy weight of mercury, its every metallic shade 

The sluggish track of its orbit, 58+ days crammed into one

That never seems like it will end

I’ve cradled the darkness between the stars in my palms

And have run inky fingers through tear tracks I didn’t feel fall

After a blitz attack, after a supernova, after heartbreak 

I’ll stay close so she can find me when she’s ready