Spoken Word / A Night At The Symphony

You aren’t sleeping well tonight

Your fingers are tapping out a slow waltz on your thigh

You’re singing a symphony to yourself comprised entirely of sighs

It’s become your nightly lullaby

Inaudible but for the rise and fall of your chest

Pressing up against sheets that shouldn’t weigh so much

But cotton comes plucked at a heavy price,

And as you twist into the wrinkles and the mattress springs

You try to feel how many hundreds of threads encase you  

You never could afford to understand silk sheets

With thread counts higher than you could easily count sheep

Because you know high priced products aren’t necessarily high performing

You never feel comfortable in luxury

Because you are too down to earth

Your toes curl around pebbles pressing into the soles of your feet

That other people brusquely shake out of their boots,

Annoyed they have to unknot their laces

And pay attention to something so small


You wrap your arms around yourself cautiously

Like you’re too fragile for your own hands

Scarcely believing you haven’t already shattered

When you genuinely fear that everyone your life touches becomes defective

Broken and immobile no matter how hard you try to prevent it

You have 20/20 vision but you don’t see very clearly

You hold our tarnished selves together with your smiles

You prevent others from slapping their self destruct buttons

Glowing countdowns halted by your open arms

You taught us that hugs given without reservation don’t need any motivation

That there were no jagged rocks waiting beneath potential friendships

That we could dive into brand new relationships and never reach the bottom


I promise you don’t have to pretend you’re always happy

You are more than one emotion

Let that strained grin fall with your walls

Shake up a can and spray paint “H<3PE” into the cracked concrete here, next to us

Let us catch you when words fail you and you’re bursting with tears

Know that sometimes your own wings forget how to fly