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CSS x SA Present: Open Brain - Art in the Park


A free event co-hosted with our friends in all things celebration, creation, and collaboration at Stageless Arts (a global artist collective and non-profit).

With the Stageless Arts founders back in town, we're reuniting at The High Line, one of our fav outdoor Open Brain locations. Come share your art with fellow creatives! The main benefit of being outdoors? Sharing with passersby. Plenty of people are walking around all day with open brains, but we miss them because our current permutation of society doesn't encourage that sort of stuff. Gonna just bust out a song, dance, drawing, photo, poem, stand up routine, story, massage class, drone design, or Master's Thesis on the subway? I mean maybe, but not likely. And even if you do, others probably won't.

But that all changes when we circle up in public to remind ourselves and each other that we've got something to say and we appreciate it being heard. Come on out and share whatever you've got! We'll have some books to allow anyone without their own stuff to reawaken those dormant nodes of inspiration.