Photo credit: Jesus Tapia | 04.29.14 | Nick Cave exhibit @ The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston |

Photo credit: Jesus Tapia | 04.29.14 | Nick Cave exhibit @ The Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston |

Amanda Kelly Espiritu

• C R E A T E • C E L E B R A T E • C O L L A B O R A T E •

Since she was a young girl, Amanda Kelly Espiritu has been fascinated with art and visual culture.

Never one to get lost in coloring books or stay within the lines, Amanda embraced drawing and painting as a means of self-expression. Doodles quickly overtook single sheets of paper and could no longer be contained by small sketchbooks, while paint splashed over the borders of canvases and splattered living room walls and carpets. Collages expanded across bedroom floors, overtaking piles of magazines and glue bottles stacked haphazardly amongst newspaper clippings and post cards. Much of her mixed media work has been inspired by the courses she took at Boston College under Andrew Tavarelli and Alston Conley. 

Captivated by the vivid worlds of nursery rhymes and fairytales and eager for more stories since she was a child, Amanda delved into the legends preserved by cultures around the globe and became enchanted with Ancient Egypt and Greek and Roman mythology in middle school. As she continued to explore other cultures and different forms of art and storytelling, she began crafting her own stories and poems. She was introduced to spoken word in high school and was encouraged to start performing by her English teacher Elizabeth Purcell after sharing her poem on racial stereotypes. 

Born in Los Angeles in 1992, Amanda grew up in several cities including Manila, San Francisco, London, and Boston. She has travelled throughout Europe and Asia and hopes to explore South America in the near future so she can see the Nazca Lines and Salar de Uyuni in person. She captures her passion for traveling and people's love of life and adventure in her photography/video projects and her short stories. 

Amanda currently lives in New York City and works with various startups, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits consulting on advertising, producing events, and building global communities. Her favorite place to play is in the intersection of art, science, and technology. She also helps run the NY "synapse" of the global artist collective and non-profit Stageless Arts, along with its main bi-weekly event series Open Brain: NYC, helps douse people in confetti for The Confetti Project, and MC's shows for a global community of music addicts in living rooms and rooftops across NY with Sofar Sounds.